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Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Launches April 14th; Preorders Up Now

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Screenshot of Megaman.exe making a game selection on the menu

It’s time to boot up your wallet.exe, because Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is coming April 14th, 2023, and it’s up for preorder now for $59.99 USD for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. Peep the latest trailer, screens, and new feature announcements below!

Preordering nets you two skins for the launcher screen and extra music tracks, by the by.

New Connectivity in Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

We previously learned that this compilation of Mega Man strategy RPGs would have online functionality, but now we know exactly what that entails. With Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, it seems like Capcom wants to give you the option to compete in all sorts of ways. Here’s what was shared in the press release.

With the collection’s online features, players can use room codes to have Private Battles with friends, join Casual Battles with others online, or strive for NetBattler nobility in Ranked Matches! NetBattlers looking to mix things up can also choose from different sets of battle rules such as wagering Chips in Real Thing battles, the best-of-three brawl Triple Battles introduced in Mega Man™ Battle Network 3, or the return of Version Battles from Mega Man™ Battle Network 4. Players on the hunt for specific Battle Chips can trade with friends and fellow NetBattlers across the globe. In addition to exchanging collected Battle Chips from the series, players can trade MegaMan.EXE styles to customize their look and swap Navi customizer programs to make MegaMan.EXE even stronger. Players can even download rare Battle Chips that were previously available primarily at promotional events in Japan! 15 downloadable Battle Chips can be accessed via the MegaMan screen in each game.

There are even trading options and the ability to access rare items that were only available at promotional events in Japan back in the day, similar to the Mystery Gift items from early Pokémon.

New Screenshots

Mega Man™ Battle Network Legacy Collection will upload all 10 Mega Man™ Battle Network titles, including graphics filters and additional bonus content, to today’s consoles, including Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 (PS4™), and PC via Steam on April 14, 2023.

The story of Mega Man Battle Network takes place in the near-future interconnected world of Net Society, which depends upon computer programs known as Network Navigators (or NetNavi for short) to manage everything from their toasters to city power grids. While the networked age brings all manner of convenience, it has also imported a wave of cybercrime eroding all levels of society. In these games, players take on the role of Lan Hikari using their PErsonal Terminal (or PET) and his NetNavi, MegaMan.EXE, to confront the culprits behind these cybercrimes. Players control MegaMan.EXE as he explores the net, engages in grid-based combat, and uses Battle Chips to gain devastating abilities capable of deleting even the most sinister viruses.

Starting at launch, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will also be available as two separate volumes priced $39.99 USD each. For more info, you’ll want to visit our game hub and peruse our previous coverage and image galleries. Stay jacked into RPGFan as we approach the April 14th launch!

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