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Random Encounter 258 – Front Echoes

Random Encounter 258 - Front Echoes

On this episode of Random Encounter, we’re talking about two awesome RPGs released at the tail end of 2022.

First up, Caitlin talks about her experience with the retro-indie JRPG, Chained Echoes. Primarily developed by a single person for the last seven years, this incredible JRPG evokes all those feelings back in the 16-bit age but with a ton of modern touches. It’s simply an astonishing achievement. And Abe is here to discuss a ground-up remake of a classic Squaresoft Super Famicom TRPG that we missed out on back in the 90s, Front Mission 1st: Remake. Is it as good as the original, or does it just miss the mark? 

Featuring: Jono Logan, Caitlin Argyros, and Abraham Kobylanski; Edited by Jono Logan

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Jonathan Logan

Jonathan Logan

Jonathan (he/him), or Jono for short, is the host of Random Encounter and the Reviews Manager for RPGFan. While reviewing a game, he has been known to drink up to 10 cups of tea to keep focused (Earl Grey, milk, no sugar). Fun fact: Jono holds a Masters of Music Theatre degree, which is only slightly less useful than it sounds.

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