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Crystal Dynamics Assembles Marvel’s Avengers Final Update

Artwork for Marvel's Avengers

Crystal Dynamics has announced that the Marvel’s Avengers game published by Square Enix will no longer receive content updates after version 2.8, which will be released on March 31st.

Thankfully, players will continue to have access to all single and multiplayer content for the foreseeable future even after the final 2.8 patch, so it won’t be a complete end of service. However, the game will no longer be purchasable in digital storefronts, nor will it receive any official support after September 30th.

Marvel’s Avengers‘ in-game premium currency (known as “credits”) will no longer be purchasable after the update in March, and all currently owned credits will also be converted into in-game resources. Crystal Dynamics has provided a conversion chart for its player base to see how existing funds will convert into more useful items following the end of support.

To show appreciation for current players, Crystal Dynamics is also making everything in its premium marketplace such as costumes and emotes free for everyone if they own the game.

The developer included an extensive F.A.Q. on the end of support for Marvel’s Avengers at the end of their announcement article.

Marvel’s Avengers was fully supported and continuously updated for 2.5 years and is still currently available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via Steam. If you’re thinking of trying the game out after its final update (and access to all the fun cosmetics and costumes), please give RPGFan’s review by Audra Bowling a read!

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Alvin Lim

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