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Strategy RPG Redemption Reapers Set to Launch February 22nd

Redemption Reapers are on their way to do some redeeming.

Binary Haze Interactive, alongside developer Adglobe, has announced that Redemption Reapers will launch digitally for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and PC via Steam on February 22nd. A physical release will also take place sometime in late April.

Redemption Reapers – Official Gameplay Trailer:

Meet the members of the Ashen Hawks and learn more about their combat styles and abilities in this gameplay trailer for the strategy RPG Redemption Reapers, including a combat overview for effective strategies like follow-up attacks, leveling up your characters, and more.

Redemption Reapers – Developers, Cast, and more

Alongside the announcement of a release date, Binary Haze Interactive has detailed a whole bunch of information about the upcoming strategy RPG. This includes a look at some of the developers working on Redemption Reapers, the title’s voice cast, and some additional information regarding the story and gameplay.

Key Developers

  • Hiroyuki Kobayashi – producer on ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights
  • Masayuki Horikawa – series director of the Fire Emblem series.
  • Tomokazu Fukushima – co-writer for the Metal Gear Solid series.
  • Rei Kondoh – composer for the Fire Emblem and Bayonetta series.

Voice Cast

Story and Gameplay

Only the faintest glimmer of hope remains as the menacing Mort army slaughters all in their path, and a once-despised group of mercenaries becomes the only defense against total annihilation. Command humanity’s last stand against evil, the Ashen Hawk Brigade, and fight for redemption against brutal foes utilizing strategic team tactics, surprise attacks and weapon synergies.

Precisely plan the Brigade’s every move through war-torn villages, castles and snowfields to flank the ruthless Mort with perfect positioning. Deploy each warrior according to their strengths and abilities, mastering ranged, melee, and stealth tactics. Unleash special abilities to give the Ashen Hawk Brigade an edge during battle. Sacrifice maximum damage for stick-and-move mobility with special skills such as the “Butterfly Sting,” and knock enemies off balance with attacks thrown in the “Staggering Stance.”

Upgrade and outfit the Brigade with weapons and items earned after victories and forge relationships between team members through the bond of battle. Unravel the personal stories of each Ashen Hawk member, and make in-game dialogue choices impacting the relationship between fellow warriors.

Redemption Reapers is set to release on Switch, PlayStation, and PC on February 22nd. For future updates on the title, make sure to keep an eye on RPGFan’s news feed.

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