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Square Enix Unveils Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo

Characters use a spirit board in Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo.

Visual novel fans have something new to celebrate. During the February 8th Nintendo Direct — albeit just the Japanese version of it — Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo was announced. The Japan-only segment is a bit unfortunate given that Paranormasight, a horror-adventure interactive visual novel from the pros at Square Enix, is in fact a worldwide release.

The game’s Steam page is alive and kicking, as befits any page for something that launches so soon after its reveal. Paranormasight will debut on March 8th and in addition to its PC version, it will also arrive for Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

Per the aforementioned page, Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo posits the query, “How far would you go to bring someone back from the dead?” It goes on to offer an overview of this multi-path visual novel:

In Japan, whispers surround the tale of the “Seven Mysteries of Honjo.”
A mysterious ‘Rite of Resurrection’ leads to conflict between those who have the power to curse…


This unsettling tale takes place in the Sumida Ward of Tokyo, Japan, in the late 20th century.Unravel the hopes, dreams and fears of these unique characters who find themselves in the grip of deadly curses, as their motivations intertwine in a story that twists and turns.
Lead the story to its conclusion by your own hand!


Shogo Okiie, an ordinary office worker, visits Kinshibori Park in the dead of night with his friend, Yoko Fukunaga, to investigate a well-known local ghost story: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo. Shogo doesn’t quite believe Yoko when she talks about how the Mysteries are connected to the Rite of Resurrection and doesn’t pay it much mind – that is, until strange events begin to unfold before his very eyes.
Meanwhile, several others are making their own investigations into The Seven Mysteries…

Detectives investigating a series of strange deaths, a high-school girl seeking the truth behind her classmate’s suicide, and a mother who has sworn revenge for her lost son. Their desires and motives intertwine and interplay, with the Seven Mysteries of Honjo at the core, leading the story towards a battle of wits and curses.

Additionally, we have a solid grasp of Paranormasight‘s key features. The bit in this upcoming passage that pertains to the game’s developmental photography absolutely fascinates me:


◆ Conduct investigations in Showa Japan; depicted through immersive, ambient 360 backgrounds. With the full support and cooperation of Sumida City Tourism Division, the local museum, the tourist association, and the local community, real-life scenery from Sumida has been photographed with a 360° camera and recreated as photo spheres that cover the entire sky and surroundings.

◆ Unravel the mysteries of Honjo through investigation and conversations with many interesting – and suspicious – characters.

◆ Be sure to pick up all crucial clues, and choose your movements carefully – or you may just meet your demise!

◆ Explore a story that twists and turns through multiple points of view and find ways to reveal new pieces of information.

◆ Navigate strategic gameplay and choose to either deploy your curses at the opportune moment, or risk being cursed yourself.

Although the game feels like it’s being announced mere blinks after its announcement – and it more or less is – it’s worth remembering back in November when news got out about Square Enix trademarking numerous terms and titles, including Paranormasight. Thanks for being on the ball there, Tyler Trosper.

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Quinton O'Connor

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