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Boyfriend Dungeon Arrives on PlayStation 5

A screenshot of Jonah from Boyfriend Dungeon.

Kitfox Games’s hit dungeon-crawling visual novel Boyfriend Dungeon landed on PlayStation 5 on February 14th, just in time for Valentine’s Day! You can now grab Boyfriend Dungeon and its Secret Weapons DLC for just $19.99 USD via the PlayStation Store. Enjoy the game’s new launch trailer below!

And here’s an overview of Boyfriend Dungeon, courtesy of Sony:

Romance your swords! Capture the hearts of weapons to level them up in this “shack-and-slash” dungeon crawling adventure. For your summer job, you’re tasked with clearing the creatures in “the dunj”. Soon you discover weapons you find transform into cuties… and they’re SINGLE! (What a craaazy coincidence because you also happen to be up for grabs yourself.) Spend the cash you earn on romantic outings to forge precious moments with your lovers and work together to clear the rampant monster infestations, because after all, a couple that slays together, stays together.

– Date up to nine weapons, from dancing swords to heart-piercing daggers
– Generated action-combat dunj and challenges! Stay sharp!
– Various combat styles! Hit hard and dodge quickly with the dagger, or take on crowds with the Lasersaber, to just name a few
– Inclusive, tasteful approach to gender and sexuality – male, female, and non-binary romance
– Includes Secret Weapons update content!
– Let’s get to the point: take your weapon-babes on romantic outings, such as to the club or the beach

PS5 owners who haven’t yet played Boyfriend Dungeon should consider grabbing it. Our own Audra Bowling got a kick out of its story, mechanics, music, and clever mix of gameplay elements when she reviewed it for Nintendo Switch! She was a little lukewarm on the Secret Weapons DLC, though. You can also pick up Boyfriend Dungeon on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, all for $19.99 USD.

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