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Turn Based RPG Wrestle Story Launching on Steam

Wrestle Story artwork with the game's logo surrounded by diverse and colorful (and very cartoonishly exaggerated) wrestlers

Tic Toc Games has announced that their brand new turn-based RPG featuring a Paper Mario-like battle system, Wrestle Story will be releasing on Steam! Fans of both pro wrestling and RPGs will love this one!

With the ability to fully customize your protagonist and gather up to six party members, Wrestle Story is a full-fledged adventure that happens to be set in a world all about pro wrestling!

[Editor’s Note: And no, this one has no relation to WrestleQuest, which also looks like fun!]

Please see below for the full details from the Wrestle Story Steam page:


Live your pro wrestling story in this hard-hitting, smack talkin’, RPG adventure! Create your wrestler, build your tag-team, and slam your way through an expansive 3D world where wrestling is everything

Customize your characters’ looks, backstory, and ring entrance music!

Travel the expansive, vibrant, and unexpected world of the Five Territories in style with your Pinnebago!

Defeat dozens of enemies with powerful finishers and tag-team combos!

Use action-based attacks to boost damage and find your flow in the ring!

Level up, equip stat-boosting ring gear, and unlock dozens of powerful new ring skills!

Recruit 6 unique tag-team partners and increase their bond level to unlock powerful new techniques, in and out of the ring!

Stop the mysterious forces behind a conspiracy that threatens the integrity of the sport you love!

Tic Toc Games has also released an announcement trailer for Wrestle Story that can be seen below:

Wrestle Story Announcement Trailer

Wrestle Story doesn’t have a release date announced quite yet. Whether they are into wrestling or not, it looks like a game that anyone who loves RPGs can probably enjoy! There appears to be quite a variety of wrestlers to get to know and tag-team with, which is what is most exciting to me! The Paper Mario-style action timing battle system keeping you on your toes is always a welcome feature as well.

Please stay tuned to RPGFan for continued coverage, and take a look at the first images below!

Wrestle Story Artwork & Screenshots

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