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Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters Hit PS4 and Switch April 19th with New Features

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster screenshot of Celes at the opera house tossing a bouquet into the air during a song

It’s almost time to return to the classics again, kupo. All six Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster games are coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series, which began in 2021 with a modern rendition of the first game in this storied series and concluded half a year later with the sixth, was notable for a handful of things — some good, some not-so-good.

On the bright side, these are gorgeous versions through and through, with stellar rearranged soundtracks that stay true to the source material and some smart gameplay tweaks that add up to a polished experience. Just look what our very own Audra Bowling had to say about Final Fantasy VI! You can also check out the Switch and PS4 release date announcement trailer below!

But then there are the bones of contention, including a lack of the bonus content found in the Game Boy Advance and original Steam and mobile releases. Speaking of Steam and mobile, Pixel Remaster was only made available on PC, iOS, and Android at launch — rough tides for console-lovers. Last but (arguably) not least, there was the font. Oh, the font.

Now, with the Switch and PS4 versions of the 2D mainline FFs finally en route, two of those three problems are resolved. Not just will a wider group of fans get to relive the legend, but Square Enix has heard complaints of the font loud and clear, and now offers the option for a much-improved pixel font style. That bonus content looks to be lost forever, but if you ever get a hankering to redo stuff like Final Fantasy V‘s Sealed Temple, well, hopefully you’ve still got a GBA cartridge on tap. You can see the new font in the screenshots below:

Also, just to illustrate the difference, here’s a side-by-side comparison with everyone’s favorite RPG octopus (original font, followed by new pixel font):

Further bells and whistles await folks with the console Pixel Remaster ports. While the aforementioned soundtrack is fantastic, you may wish to listen to the original tunes nonetheless; that’ll now be an option. You’ll also be able to toggle random encounters off whenever you’d like, and you can increase the amount of experience points earned at any time (by as much as 400%!) to hasten that vintage grind.

No word yet on whether and when these savvy perks will come to PC and mobile versions of the games, but here’s hoping Square Enix doesn’t leave early adopters in the dark.

You can purchase all six games bundled on the Nintendo eShop or opt to pick and choose your favorite individual entries. The PS4 versions are expected to be the same in this regard, but there’s no pre-order link for Sony’s platform just yet.

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