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Rhythm Encounter 107 – Springtime Serenade

Rhythm Encounter 107 Springtime Serenade

At Rhythm Encounter, we’ve created episodes around seasons in the past — Episode 6 was about summer, while Episode 23, Winter Warmer, was popular enough that we revisited winter in Episode 59. And yet, we’ve somehow never had episodes about spring or fall/autumn. Well, today we address one of those missing seasons, with four panelists and eight songs about springtime! Or rather, songs that we feel have a “spring feel,” and in some cases, what some people who have never experienced “spring” imagine what its soundtrack should be. Our cast turned out to approach this fun topic from more directions than we knew going in, and it made for some great discussion about wonderful RPG music.

Note: We recorded this episode prior to the passing of Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Featuring: Mike Salbato, Gio Castillo, Audra Bowling, Tin Manuel; Edited by Jono Logan

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0:09:14 – Dawn of Mana – opening theme (Ryuichi Sakamoto) – Dawn of Mana OST
0:14:06 – Rainbow Butterfly Woods (Tomohito Nishiura) – Dark Cloud 2 OST
0:34:42 – Gazing Over the Great Plain (Yasunori Nishiki) – Octopath Traveler OST
0:38:00 – The Plain and the Sky ~Citro Plain BGM~ (Yoshino Aoki, Norikazu Miura, Masaharu Iwata, Kaori Komuro and Hiroaki Tomuno) – Suikoden Tierkreis OST
0:51:15 – A Moment of Calm (Genso Suikoden Music Team) – Suikoden V OST
0:54:18 – Spring (Wild Horseradish Jam) (ConcernedApe) – Stardew Valley OST
1:15:36 – Have You Ever Seen Me? (Nobuo Uematsu; arr. Yuichiro Goto, based on “Tozas, The Dwarves’ Village” from FFIII) – Final Fantasy Vocal Collections II “Love Will Grow”
1:18:20 – Breeze With U (Barry “Epoch” Topping) – Paradise Killer OST 
1:38:51 – Tin’s Bonus Track!

Album Links

Dark Chronicle Original Sound Tracks (Dark Cloud 2)

Final Fantasy Vocal Collections II “Love Will Grow”

Octopath Traveler Original Soundtrack

Paradise Killer Original Soundtrack

Seiken Densetsu 4 (Dawn of Mana) Original Soundtrack -Sanctuary-

Stardew Valley Original Soundtrack

GENSOSUIKODEN V Original Soundtrack

Suikoden Tierkreis Original Soundtrack

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