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Rhythm Encounter 59 – Winter Warmer II: The Wintering

Rhythm Encounter 059 - Winter RPGs

Today we’re getting cozy and seasonally appropriate as the two Mikes and Alana discuss some excellent wintery tracks. It’s amazing how various instruments can come together to convey a wide variety of winter atmospheres; that and the abundance of good winter/snow themed music make this a topic worth revisiting. Get your mittens and hats ready, because we’re discussing tumultuous wintery tracks as well as some more peaceful favorites! We can all enjoy them with the knowledge that listening to these songs will NOT result in having to shovel the driveway. 

Featuring: Mike Salbato, Alana Hagues, Michael Sollosi; Edited by Mike Salbato

Links for this episode


0:05:49 – Land of Immortality (Revo) – Bravely Default OST
0:09:39 – Winter Journey’s Tale (Tomoki Miyoshi) – I am Setsuna OST
0:29:53 – Ice Town (Tatsuyuki Maeda) – Eternal Arcadia / Skies of Arcadia Original Soundtrack
0:31:44 – Return to Oblivion (Masayoshi Soken) – Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers
0:58:30 – Flamesgrace, Guiding Light (Yasunori Nishiki) – Octopath Traveler OST
1:00:28 – White mirror (Motoi Sakuraba) – Trusty Bell ~Chopin no Yume~ Original Score / Eternal Sonata Original Score
1:25:22 – Sollosi’s Bonus Track!

Bonus background tracks
0:51:36 – Footsteps in the Snow (Masayoshi Soken) – Before the Fall: Final Fantasy XIV OST

Album Links

Bravely Default Original Soundtrack

Eternal Arcadia / Skies of Arcadia Original Soundtrack

Eternal Sonata Original Score

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

I am Setsuna Original Soundtrack

Octopath Traveler Original Soundtrack

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