Skies of Arcadia


Skies of Arcadia is a classic produced by SEGA legend Reiko Kodama, ditch the seas for the skies as you board your airship to explore the world of Arcadia with the Blue Rogues. As a sky pirate, you can discover hidden landmarks, fight in exciting ship battles, and take on the Valuan Armada in a quest to sail beyond the sunset and save the world.

Game Reviews

Review Author Platform Score
Skies of Arcadia Cameron Hamm Sega Dreamcast
Skies of Arcadia Damian Thomas Sega Dreamcast
Skies of Arcadia Jason Walton Sega Dreamcast
Skies of Arcadia Ken Chu Sega Dreamcast
Skies of Arcadia Robert Bogdanowicz Sega Dreamcast

Music Reviews

Review Author Released
Eternal Arcadia Original Sound Track Jason Walton October 5, 2000
Skies of Arcadia Eternal Soundtrack Vinyl Edition Hilary Andreff July 1, 2019
The Very Best of Sega Patrick Gann April 6, 2004