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Random Encounter 280 – The All-Star Lineup in RPGFan’s GOTY Bracket Battle

Random Encounter 280 GOTY Bracket Battle

On this week’s Random Encounter, Zach steps in as your host to guide us through RPGFan’s 25th-anniversary special, Revisiting RPGFan Games of the Year: Bracket Battle. Joining Zach are Audra, Jimmy, and Aleks, each bringing their own perspectives on what makes a Game of the Year truly deserving of the title. But the final choice of the best GOTY in 25 years doesn’t lie with them; it lies with you!

So, tune in and get ready to cast your votes. After all, the ultimate GOTY is in your hands.

Featuring: Zach Wilkerson, Aleks Franiczek, Audra Bowling, and Jimmy Turner; Edited by Paul Dennis

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Aleks Franiczek

Aleks Franiczek

Aleks is a Features writer and apparently likes videogames enough to be pursuing a PhD focused on narrative design and the philosophy of player experience. When not overthinking games he also enjoys playing them, and his favorite genre is “it’s got some issues, but it’s interesting!”

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