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Goodbye Volcano High Delayed Once Again to August 29th

Artwork for Goodbye Volcano High

We all have trouble saying goodbye, right? In the case of Goodbye Volcano High, the farewell is going to take a little bit longer. Previously announced for June 15th, developer KO_OP has delayed the musical, cinematic game full of anthropomorphic teenagers to August 29th.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a delay for Goodbye Volcano High; the game was originally set for 2021 before being hit by COVID-19-related delays. However, the team is working hard to make the game the best they can and is also promising a potential demo.

Check out the full statement from KO_OP below via Gematsu:

The reality is that, with our current workload, we could not have met our June launch date without significant cuts to the quality and scope of the game. This would mean delivering something much different than what we’ve envisioned and worked toward. We don’t want to release anything less than the best version of the game we have been making throughout our development cycle.

Plus, we’re a studio that prides itself on avoiding crunch. Meeting our original launch date would require our team to work nights, weekends and early mornings to ship and risk burning people out.

This delay also moves our launch date out of a very busy June release calendar, opening us up to more incredible opportunities, and gives the game a greater chance of success.

I know this isn’t the easiest thing to hear—it is a difficult thing for us to do. Goodbye Volcano High is a really special project for us and everyone on our team has done incredible work on this game. We need a bit more time to make sure all that work really shines! We’ve been so honoured to hear such a positive response to our demo. Soon, we’ll be premiering another public demo and we hope you’ll all have the chance to check it out.

Thank you so much for your understanding—we can’t wait for you to play what we’ve been working on.

Goodbye Volcano High will launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam. Stay tuned to RPGFan as we grow closer to class being in session!

Source: Gematsu

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