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Alchemic Cutie Coming to PlayStation, Switch on June 16th

An Alchemic Cutie screenshot showing Yvette on the farm with lots of jellies.

PlayStation 4 & 5 and Nintendo Switch owners craving a relaxing, upbeat RPG are in for a treat: Alchemic Cutie is hitting these consoles on June 16th! Previously released for Xbox One and Series X|S and PC via Steam, this cathartic RPG tasks players with raising and taming colorful jellies on a beautiful island.

Artwork from Dale North's Alchemic Cutie Soundtrack

I just spent the past few weeks wrapping up Elden Ring and Resident Evil 4, so the coziness of Alchemic Cutie might be right up my alley! RPGFan’s Alana Hagues reviewed the game and enjoyed its varied gameplay loop, impressive visuals and soundtrack, and diversity of jellies to raise and breed. She was less impressed by Alchemic Cutie‘s bugs and glitches, which developers Vakio and Viridian Software have worked to address since the game’s 2021 release.

Here’s an overview of Alchemic Cutie, courtesy of Steam:

Alchemic Cutie is a wholesome relaxing RPG set on colorful Wimba Island. While taming wild jellies, you’ll meet villagers, enter jelly competitions and uncover the secrets of the island.

Wimba Island is a huge place with plenty to do. From exploring secret locations to discovering new Jellies scattered all over the island. As the seasons change, so does the island with new areas, different Jellies and items appearing.

Enjoy an engaging Jelly raising system, where each Jelly has uniquely generated stats, traits and over 4000 visual styles. You will be able to tame, breed, and raise the perfect jelly companion and take it with you on adventures.

Befriend a village of goofy, fun, and sometimes complicated characters. Help them by completing quests or just hang out, mingle and get to know them. Who knows…maybe some might be hiding something…

With the use of your flute and a bit of alchemy, you’ll gain the ability to create special items with powerful effects. Or even morph different items into something rare and powerful.

With your proudly raised Jellies take part in thrilling competitions against other villagers for the chance of winning medals.


  • A whole island ready to explore that changes with the seasons
  • Over 4000 possible Jellies with lots of items to find and quests to do
  • Befriend a village of cute, odd and wholesome characters
  • Engaging Jelly raising and alchemy systems for you to master
  • Fun jelly competitions to win medals
  • Modding support (coming soon!)
  • Jelly sharing via special codes (coming soon!)
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