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Citizen Sleeper 2: Starward Vector Rolls the Dice for a Sequel

Art for Citizen Sleeper 2: Starward Vector

Wake up, Sleeper! You may be in a new body, but the universe is still out to get you in Citizen Sleeper 2: Starward Vector. This announcement comes a little over a year after the first Citizen Sleeper wowed audiences with its narrative and tabletop roleplaying experience.

Wake up and watch the reveal trailer below:

The trailer was produced with animation by studio Studio Yuzu. The original development team, Jump Over the Edge, are back. Not much is known about what platforms to expect the sequel on, but Citizen Sleeper 2: Starward Vector is available to wishlist on Steam.

Learn about your new android in this description from publisher Fellow Traveller:

You are a Sleeper, an android built by Essen-Arp for whatever purpose your corporate owners dictate. After a daring escape, you’ve made it all the way out to the Starward Belt, a remote asteroid cluster at the edge of the Helion System, only to have swapped one form of control for another. You’re now under the thumb of Laine, a notorious gang leader who provides you with Stabilizer – the drug your android body needs to survive – and uses it to exert control over you.

It’s a miserable existence for you and Serafin, your colleague in servitude. Together, you hatch a plan to escape. After a desperate attempt to free yourself by rewriting the very code that governs your system, you are on the run with a malfunctioning body, a price on your head and no memory of your past.

The first thing you did was steal a ship. Keep it running, maintain it, even upgrade it, and maybe it will eventually carry you away from all this. But you can’t run it alone. You’ll need a crew, and while the Belt is full of those looking for work, it’s also full of trouble. Can you hold the ship together through this crisis? Can you build a refuge here, among the stars?

Meanwhile, there is a crisis unfolding in the Helion System. Two vast corporate entities are fighting a bitter, covert war that is touching everything, even the Starward Belt. Waves of refugees, shattered hulks of warring ships, strange new technologies, all of this and more is now washing up on the shore of the Belt. Navigate this shifting territory, take on contracts, get paid, and survive to see the next cycle.

If you want more Citizen Sleeper soon, Jump Over the Age is hosting a series of text narratives called the Helion Dispatches on their substack to cover the gap between the end of the first game and the beginning of this one.

Citizen Sleeper 2: Starward Vector doesn’t have a release date yet, but stay tuned to RPGFan as we learn more. Check out our Citizen Sleeper review from Aleks Franiczek and see why we are a little excited to see such a speedy sequel announcement.

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