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Save the Date for Eternights Launching September 21st

Eternights Screenshot

At long last, Studio Sai’s action RPG/dating sim hybrid Eternights has a definitive release date! It was previously announced to come out sometime in September, but now we know that it’s set to come out on September 21st.

The game is set to release on PlayStation 4, 5, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Preorders are currently available for ten percent off the MSRP of $29.99 USD. Also, a demo was put up recently during Steam’s Next Fest and is still available to play now!

There was also a brand new gameplay trailer revealed at the PC Gaming Show that aired earlier this month that you can watch below:

Eternights Release Date Trailer

For those that are new to Eternights, check out the overview from the game’s store pages:

Eternights is a dating action game, blending a love story with adrenaline-driven combat as you make the most out of life during the apocalypse. Scavenge for supplies, explore dungeons… and go on dates!

Save the world, and find love along the way.

Face the Infected

One day, something, or someone, has turned humans into dangerous monsters. All that interests them now is violence and power. They are what stand between you, a cure, and the world you want. Most importantly? You’re fighting for more than just your own survival – you are fighting for those you love.

Find Love

The impending end of the world makes for a great conversation starter! When you’re not exploring dungeons, you can choose to spend time growing closer to a cast of five quirky and loveable characters. Explore their stories and grow closer to them to unlock unique skills and spells you can use in battle.

Race the Clock

Scavenging, dungeon crawling, dating…there are just too many things to do in one day, and each area has a deadline! Will you grow closer to your confidant in order to deepen your relationship and unlock new skills? Will you scavenge the wasteland for supplies? Will you grow stronger by training with your companions? Or will you ignore all of that and go to the dungeon the first chance you get? It’s up to you, but remember, the clock is ticking.

Explore Dungeons

These dangerous areas – known as the “Wall” – are filled with mystery and danger. As the deadline looms, you will have to quickly overcome traps, puzzles, and dancing minigames to make it through in time. Luckily, you have your confidants by your side to help when things get scary.

Animated Cutscenes

There are several fully 2D animated cutscenes that change depending on who you decide to date. Immerse yourself and truly connect with the characters you are spending time with.

For additional information on Eternights, you can visit the official site! The developer is also continuously posting updates on their Twitter account for those that are interested in giving them a follow.

Eternights is looking to be a game that will stand out with its dark themes while also having a pretty engaging dating system. One important thing I want to point out that I don’t see highlighted in a lot of places is that there is a gay option in the pool of dateable characters! That alone is enough reason for me to be interested in buying the game, personally!

Our very own Audra Bowling also got the opportunity to preview the game and thought pretty positively of it! Reading her preview is certainly getting me a bit more excited for Eternights!

Please stay tuned to RPGFan for continued coverage of action RPGs, dating sims, and even both at the same time!

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