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RPGs Coming This Week, 3/31/24

Screenshot of Astra: Knights of Veda, one of several RPGs coming this week

On this edition of RPGs Coming This Week, a promising gacha RPG, a gorgeous otome game, and two standout indie releases. This is our bread and butter, and we’re ready to share it. Let’s dive in!

Astra: Knights of Veda – April 2nd (Windows, iOS, Android)

Astra: Knights of Veda, one of several RPGs Coming This Week

Another week, another gacha game, right? But Astra: Knights of Veda stands out from its contemporaries because it’s a slickly illustrated and animated 2D action RPG reminiscent of Vanillaware. It’s visually distinct enough that you wouldn’t mistake it for Dragon’s Crown; the illustrations are just a smidge less cartoony, and I have yet to spot food in any of its trailers.

It’s worth noting that Astra has already racked up more than three million pre-registrations across iOS and Android. You know how it is with gacha games—the more folks sign up, the more rewards will be given out, so that’s good news for those anticipating. If you’d rather not play on your phone, the game will be playable on PC via Steam.

by Gio Castillo

Withering Rooms (Exiting Early Access) – April 2nd (PS5, XSX, Windows)

Screenshot of Withering Rooms, one of several RPGs coming this week

Withering Rooms is a side-scrolling 2.5D action RPG from Seattle-based developer Moonless Formless. Set in the Victorian mansion of Mostyn House, players take the role of Nightingale, a young girl trapped in a Gothic horror-filled nightmare. Equipped with various weapons, spells, rituals, and traps, players will face leagues of horrifying and challenging enemies in the hope of surviving through the night.

Withering Rooms has been available in Steam Early Access since October 2022 but will now have a full release, including for consoles. On its surface, the game has taken obvious influence from the classic SNES horror Clock Tower in its themes and perspective. Beneath, there appears to be a very complex and challenging experience to engage players. This won’t be a game for all readers of this site, but for those brave enough, I think Withering Rooms will offer much reward and replay value.

by Claton Stevenson

Tengoku Struggle: Strayside – April 4th (Switch)

Tengoku: Struggle Strayside, one of several RPGs Coming This Week

Tengoku Struggle: Strayside is an otome visual novel showcasing that heaven and earth might be more connected than we think. After several prisoners of Hell escape into the mortal realm, King Enma entrusts their recapture to his daughter Rin, an up-and-coming Hell Guardian, along with prisoners who at least appear trustworthy.

Naturally, things heat up when they uncover an escapee’s plot to use a pardoning app to forgive people of their sins, which threatens to plunge both realms into chaos. What’s this escapee’s goal, and what’s in store for Rin and the rest of the universe?  We’ll find out in this VN’s more comedic take on the supernatural when it releases later this week. With gorgeous artwork and efforts from the team behind the otome Olympia Soirée that our very own Niki Fakhoori reviewed, Tengoku Struggle: Strayside seems primed to deliver entertaining romance!

by Audra Bowling

YIIK: Nameless Psychosis – April 4th (Windows, macOS)

YIIK: Nameless Psychosis, one of several RPGs Coming This Week

We’re getting a free “sneak peek” at a YIIK: A Postmodern RPG update expected to come in the spring. Called YIIK: Nameless Psychosis, it’s meant to introduce players to a revamped battle system that does away with the minigames our reviewer disliked in the original release. The so-called YIIK I.V update will also include a bigger campaign, a redesigned “Mind Dungeon”, more than 100 new music tracks, and more.

There are games that get bad press, and then there’s YIIK. I largely avoided the game and the controversy surrounding it at the time, but a cursory bit of research tells me that folks largely took issue with the game’s supposed plagiarism of author Haruki Murakami and potentially tasteless narrative choices. I’d rather not wade in those waters, but here’s hoping that Nameless Psychosis represents a redemption of sorts.

by Gio Castillo

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Gio Castillo

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