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Retro Encounter 414 – Arc the Lad

Retro Encounter 414 Arc the Lad and Kukuru

Arc seeking Ark

While it was a launch title for the PSOne in Japan, Arc the Lad was something of a swan song by the time it finally released in the West. It also stands as one of the final works of the now-defunct Working Designs localization company. Today our four panelists dig into this hidden classic, Finding equal parts joy and frustration in something of a proof of concept for its own sequel. Love Arc the Lad? Never heard of it? There’s something for everyone in today’s Retro Encounter!

Featuring: Wes Iliff, Audra Bowling, Ben Love, Nick Mangiaracina; Edited by Paul Dennis

Opening and ending music by Miles Morkri

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Wes Iliff

Wes Iliff

Wes learned to read playing Dragon Warrior on the NES and they haven't stopped playing RPGs since. Through a superhero-esque origin story, they started writing like crazy and eventually ended up writing features at a site they'd been reading since high school, which was... some time ago. They love sharing the joy in whatever flawed masterpiece has caught their attention this week, usually to the captive audience of their spouse, children, and small menagerie of pets.

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