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Fable Highlights Heroes Across Albion In New Trailer, To Launch In 2025

A screenshot of the Fable reboot that shows the protagonist firing arrows at beastly enemies frozen in time, underlit by an eerie green glow.

Xbox Game Studios and developer Playground Games have announced that the long-awaited reboot of the Fable franchise will be released in 2025 for Xbox Series X|S and PC. The confirmation came via a new trailer during the Xbox Games Showcase 2024. Rendered entirely in-engine, it gives a greater glimpse as to how a rising Hero of Albion potentially matches up against her legendary (retired) counterpart. Check it out below!

The footage is narrated by Humphrey, a retired legendary hero of Albion, portrayed by British comedian and actor Matt King (Peep Show). In that framing, he gives players a glimpse as to what they might do as their Hero in Fable, ranging from interacting with fan clubs, witnessing gigantic toads, fighting monsters, and making choices that will change the face and fate of both the world and its story. It ends with Humphrey taking up arms once again against a former protege and Hero who seems intent on enacting their will on the world of Albion at any cost.

The reboot was initially announced in 2020 and acts as a full-scale evolution of the long-standing franchise. It was shown at the Xbox Games Showcase last year, featuring Richard Ayoade as a disgruntled giant vegetable farmer meeting an unsavoury end.

Fable Screenshots

I’m curious to eventually see more on this reboot of the Fable franchise, in terms of its specific systems, its story, and how its choices will matter. If anything, it seems Playground Games has a wonderful handle on the wry humour the franchise has been known for in its previous entries.

Fable is set to release on Xbox Series X|S and PC via the Windows Store and Steam. Players will also be able to play it via Xbox Game Pass immediately upon its release.

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