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Demonschool Comes Forth on Friday, September 13th; Demo Available Now!

Demonschool screenshot of an isometric grid battle between teens and demons in a graveyard

During the recent PC Gaming Show, publisher Ysbryd Games shared new footage (below) and a long-awaited release date release date for turn-based tactical RPG Demonschool: Friday, September 13th, 2024. Developed by Necrosoft Games, Demonschool takes obvious visual and thematic influence from early entries in the Persona series as well as Giallo Cinema. The game features a striking palette across its characters and environments, including rich, full-bodied renderings of the cast for dialogue scenes. Demonschool‘s tactical combat encounters have been widely compared to the highly acclaimed Into the Breach.

Demonschool Demo Now Available

Soon after this news dropped, Ysbryd went on to announce via Twitter/X that a playable demo is available now as part of this year’s Steam Next Fest.

RPGFan’s own Aleks Franiczek got early access to the demo and was able to provide a comprehensive and frankly excellent preview; If you are interested in the game, I sincerely encourage you to check out the article.

I’ve personally been very excited about Demonschool since it was announced, and have followed its development closely, and I’m not alone here at RPGFan. Demonschool releases September 13th, 2024 for PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, and Steam Deck, with Windows, macOS, and Linux support listed on Steam). The game will offer English, French, and Simplified Chinese language support.

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