Des Miller

Reviews Editor

Des Miller

Des is a reviews editor, writer, and resident horror fan. He has a fondness for overlooked, emotionally impactful, and mechanically complex games - hence his love for tri-Ace and Gust. When he's not spending hours crafting in Atelier or preaching about Valkyrie Profile, he can usually be found playing scary games in the dark. With headphones. As they should be played.

Favourite Games/Series

Valkyrie Profile, Atelier, Fatal Frame, Monster Hunter, Kuon, NieR: Automata, Final Fantasy, Tetris Attack, Shadow Hearts, Bloodborne, Guilty Gear

Favourite Genres

RPG, Horror, Action/Adventure, Fighting

Misc Interests

Writing, horror, music, graphic design

Time at RPGFan

April 2020–Present

Where I'm From

Seattle, WA, USA