Izzy Parsons

Reviews Editor

Izzy Parsons

Izzy has been a fan of RPGs since before they were born, so it's no surprise they would end up as a reviews editor for RPGFan. When they aren't playing seven different RPGs at once, Izzy enjoys reading and writing fiction, chatting with their friends, and long walks in nature.

Favourite Games/Series

Breath of Fire, Terranigma, Shadow Hearts, Mother, Chrono Cross, Xeno, Final Fantasy, Golden Sun, Dragon Quest, Wild Arms, Baten Kaitos, Shining Force, Mega Man Legends, Luigi's Mansion, Panzer Dragoon, Tales, Legend of Zelda, Trails in the Sky, Treasure of the Rudras, Ys, Xanadu Next, Grandia, Mario RPGs, Luigi's Mansion, Parasite Eve, Resident Evil, and many more.

Favourite Genres

All Types of RPG, Horror, Action/Adventure, Narrative, Platformer, Games where you play as Luigi

Misc Interests

Fiction (writing and reading), Science, Tabletop games, Nature, Technology

Time at RPGFan

June 2020–Present

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