Mario Garcia

Social Media Editor

Mario Garcia

Mario joined the Social Media team at RPGFan to help spread his hype for RPGs. He started out as a kid playing Nintendo RPGs (Mario and Luigi, Paper Mario, Pokémon, etc.), was delighted to learn that turn-based combat was a thing, and has loved the genre ever since. When he's not hopping between a bunch of games and growing his ever-expanding backlog, he's watching movies, planning to travel, and spending time with his friends in true power of friendship fashion. Oh, and he works his day job.

Favourite Games/Series

Final Fantasy, Mother, Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Hades, Persona 3, Super Mario, Chrono Trigger, Paper Mario, Mario and Luigi, Hollow Knight, Celeste, The World Ends With You

Favourite Genres

Platformer, Metroidvania, Adventure, RPG

Misc Interests

Movies, running, traveling, theater, music

Time at RPGFan

December 2021–Present

Where I'm From

Los Angeles, California

My Pronouns