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Rhythm Encounter 119 – RPG Dance Party!

Rhythm Encounter 119 RPG Electronic and Dance Music

“All this energy’s got us inspired now/We couldn’t stop it, just set it free and DANCE!”

That’s right! Today we’re taking some advice from Persona 4: Dancing All Night and getting our dance on. Spin-off dancing games aside, danceable and electronic beats have permeated RPG soundtracks for a long time, whether that’s special arrangement albums or soundtracks incorporating a more modern sound to high praise. We have a good representation of that trend in our setlist today, so join our panel of makeshift DJs as we attempt to bring the house down and spread some of that infectious energy. Maybe we’ll even discuss headphone protagonists and their musical powers.

Note: In the episode, we initially mentioned “Obsession” as appearing in .hack//INFECTION, but the song was composed for the .hack//SIGN anime before also appearing in the .hack//Link game.

Featuring: Hilary Andreff, Audra Bowling, Mario Garcia, Steph Sybydlo; Edited by Jono Logan & Mike Salbato

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0:09:14 – ASGORE (Toby Fox arr. Rob Gasser) – Undertale: Straight from the Underground
0:13:04 – A Way of Life (ATLUS Kitajoh Remix) (Atsushi Kitajoh, Shoji Meguro, Ryota Kozuka) – Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight
0:32:40 – Satisfy (Takeharu Ishimoto) – The World Ends With You
0:36:35 – Pulse: Thunder Rolls (Masayoshi Soken, remixed by Daiki Ishikawa) – Pulse: Final Fantasy XIV Remix Album
0:59:17 – TIGAR – Otto (Hayato Asano) – Blue Reflection
1:03:26 – Staggered Injection (Ekstrak) – Mass Effect 3
1:25:07 – A New Hope (Masashi Hamauzu) – Musashi Samurai Legend
1:27:43 – Obsession (Yuki Kajiura) – .hack//SIGN
1:56:32 – Hilary’s Bonus Track!

Album Links

.hack//SIGN Opening Theme Obsession / Ending Theme Yasashii Yoake

Blue Reflection Official Soundtrack

Mass Effect 3 Original Soundtrack

Musashiden II Blademaster Original Sound Track (Musashi Samurai Legend)

P3D & P5D Full Soundtrack (Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight)

Pulse: FINAL FANTASY XIV Remix Album

[Undertale]: Straight from the Underground by Tiny Waves

Subarashiki Kono Sekai Original Soundtrack (The World Ends with You)

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