Mark Roddison

Reviews Editor

Mark Roddison

Hi, I'm Mark! I've spent most of my life in the education sector, but away from this world I like nothing more than to slip into a good fantasy or sci-fi setting, be it a good book film, TV series, game, or tabletop option! If it is a game, you won't find me too far from the turn-based games. From Final Fantasy, to Shadow Hearts, to Baldurs Gate, to the Trails series, all have me hooked. When not indulging in cerebral turn-based nirvanas, I enjoy soccer, fitness, and music where I tutor keyboard and guitar professionally, as well as having an unhealthy obsession for progressive metal as well as some 80s synthwave. I nearly forgot I also have a lovely wife and little boy who also make great co-players! :-p

Favourite Games/Series

Tie between Trails series and Final Fantasy

Favourite Genres

Turn-based RPG, CRPG, DRPG, Soundtracks

Misc Interests

Rock and metal music, reading, soccer, fitness, tabletop roleplaying

Time at RPGFan

January 2024–Present

Where I'm From

Sheffield, United Kingdom