Michael Sollosi

Retro Encounter Host

Michael Sollosi

Sollosi joined RPGFan in 2014 as part of the music section, but switched lanes to podcasting a year later, eventually becoming showrunner of the Retro Encounter podcast (send emails to retro@rpgfan.com!). Outside of RPGFan, Sollosi works in a government engineering office, enjoys visiting local parks and petting local dogs, and dreams of a second Ys vs Trails fighting game.

Favourite Games/Series

Chrono Trigger, Trials of Mana, Skies of Arcadia, Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Quest series, Final Fantasy series, Disgaea series, Persona series, Street Fighter series, Mega Man X series, Castlevania series, Ratchet & Clank series, Zelda series, Mario RPG series, Ys series

Favourite Genres

RPGs (all kinds), platformers, fighters, character action games, puzzle adventure games

Misc Interests

Dogs, parks, wildlife, trivia, music, basketball, comics, animation, beatboxing

Time at RPGFan

November 2014–Present

Where I'm From

Fairfax, VA, USA