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Origins Game Fair 2019: Borderlands: Tiny Tina’s Robot Tea Party

Origins Game Fair 2019

Amongst Borderlands fans, Tiny Tina is a beloved character whose daft demeanor is brought to life by Ashly Burch. While this translates well to video games as an interactive medium, when it’s up to players to recreate Tiny Tina’s persona on the table, how far can the character go? XYZ Game Labs got this license, but have they done the Borderlands universe justice?

The game is shockingly simple: all players need to do is recreate their Claptrap. Starting with only the body, players must don a hat, attach two arms, and slap some wheels on our cheeky, mouthy friend. Players draw cards, play a card on their turn, and round and round we go. Of course, if it were as simple as just attaching arms and legs, the game would be pretty basic, right? Well, it almost is!

Borderlands: Tiny Tina's Robot Tea Party

Players can throw incorrect limbs on opponents or play one of the few action cards in the deck to either counter play, retool their Claptrap, or further screw over adversaries. That’s really the game. The game can play quickly, but lord help you if it doesn’t. Depending on the group, the game can drag on, and without a whole lot of depth, that can be a tiring endeavor. One might be tempted to grab a beer. Or two. Or three. Come to think of it, that might be how this game is intended to be played. That should probably go in the rules. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend this game, and I wonder why more wasn’t done to make it an engaging experience.

Jerry Williams

Jerry Williams

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