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Origins Game Fair 2023

Origins Game Fair 2023 Featured

Is COVID over? Is it safe to come out? Can I go to Origins again?

I’ll leave the first two questions up to you, but as for that third one, yes, I can go to Origins Game Fair again. Boy am I glad I did, too, because this was one hot year! Now, veterans might realize that several big-name publishers and known figures in the board game review landscape didn’t attend this year, and while that isn’t entirely good news, with it comes a silver lining: indies and smaller publishers rise to the top.

So, rather than camping out at Rio Grande (publisher) for several hours or gawking at the latest life-size version of Settlers of Catan, I spent most of my time in the dealer’s room and free play area. While it’s impossible to have sampled every game, I got my hands on quite a few and will share those thoughts with you. Come on inside, traveler.

Jerry Williams

Jerry Williams

Jerry has been reviewing games at RPGFan since 2009. Over that period, he has grown in his understanding that games, their stories and characters, and the people we meet through them can enrich our lives and make us better people. He enjoys keeping up with budding scholarly research surrounding games and their benefits.