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Review by · December 12, 2010

If this review reads as an advertisement for preordering NISA products, know that I’m doing it for your sake, not theirs.

Importing a two disc soundtrack from Japan is usually an expensive endeavor: $30 minimum. If you don’t mind having a full two disc OST cut down to its most memorable tracks on a single disc, you should watch and try to get the bonus soundtracks that come with LEs / first prints of various companies. We’ve covered dozens of such albums on RPGFan, and they come to us thanks to the efforts of publishers like Atlus USA, NISA, Konami, etc.

The soundtrack for Atelier Rorona features work from Ken Nakagawa, and while it veers a little bit away from the ethnic diversity of Iris and targets itself clearly over the provincial European soundscape of, say, Atelier Marie, it’s an excellent soundtrack in its own right.

And to think, you could’ve had the best 24 tracks from the two disc OST basically for free. The first 500 preorders from the “Rosenqueen Store” (where many NISA goods are sold) came with this very soundtrack. If you were already interested in the game, the soundtrack (and probably some other goodies) came along as a bonus.

I’ve already spoken of the music in the full two disc review. I will say that the track selection for this bonus soundtrack is spot on. There’s nothing significant missing, and the tracks flow very well from one to the next. And to think, this disc could have been yours. I say “could have” because the limited edition is already long gone. The only way you’ll get this disc is by buying it from a disenfranchised fan who no longer wants it. Instant collectors item.

So, does this sound like an ad for NISA? That’s fine. As I said, I’m really looking out for the reader here. It’s clear that if NISA does a batch of 500 LEs with soundtracks, they will inevitably disappear. It’s just a question of who gets them. Watch in the future for more. If you want this soundtrack, you’ll have an easier time importing. But it may be most cost efficient to preorder and get the bonus goods for future games. Fingers crossed, prayers made to the heavens, etc, for Atelier Totori in the US!

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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