Borderlands 2 Campaign Add-on: Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt Original Soundtrack


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Review by · June 6, 2014

Perhaps due to its bite-sized nature in comparison to the other Borderlands 2 DLC albums, Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt has been made available a bit later. It’s a brief affair; the only two tracks to be found on it are “Hunter’s Grotto Ambience” and “Hunter’s Grotto Combat.”

Composer Cris Velasco brings us these subtle tunes, and indeed, they’re probably some of the most subdued in the series. Acoustic guitar strums hearken back to the music in the main campaign, albeit in a more muted manner. In fact, the soundscape is more sparse as a whole. These aren’t big, bombastic tunes, which came as a surprise given the nature of the expansion and its emphasis on the titular big game hunts.

Even for one as invested in the series as I am, it’s hard to get excited at these tunes on their own merits. They’re great when in their context as a backdrop to the in-game action, but on their own, they’re perhaps a bit too mellow to inspire. However, if you’re a Borderlands 2 OST completist, the sub-$2 price range makes this a relatively painless addition to your collection.

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Stephen Meyerink

Stephen Meyerink

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