Dragon Quest Game Music Super Collection Vol. 3


Review by · June 15, 2007

You know the drill kiddies, it’s Sensei Phoenix’s Ultra-Mega Daizenshu review show! This time we’re cooking up a pot of Volume 3. What are the ingredients you ask? Read on to find out.

To properly prepare volume 3, first we take a cup of the PlayStation One remake of Dragon Quest IV, complete with updated synths and compositions more in line with those of the orchestrated arrangements from previous albums. Place that on disc one, and you’re doing well. The tracks are actually pretty good, and rather faithful to the orchestral arrangements.

Next, turn up the heat and add Disc 2, a compilation of the tracks from Dragon Quest VII, which, if you didn’t buy the OST, could come in handy. The only downside is that the OST has the symphonic tracks as well, whereas here it’s straightforward game rips.

Last, but not least, add a pinch of Game Boy to your pot. Disc 3 presents the first three games’ soundtracks from their remakes on the Game Boy Color. I enjoyed DQ III on GBC, and the music was rather catchy. The GB did some amazing things with its little sound chip and with a good pair of headphones, you really could tell. Now we have it all beefed-up and digitally remastered. How’s that for some flair? BAM!

In the end, the third volume of the great Dragon Quest Daizenshu compilation puts a great finish on an otherwise mediocre boxed set. Unless you’re a real fan of the original game tracks, stay away. If you MUST have everything Dragon Quest related, then get these albums. Otherwise, please do yourself a favor and check my other Dragon Quest compilation review and get THAT box set. You’ll be happier, trust me.

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Damian Thomas

Damian Thomas

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