Dragon Quest on Piano Vol.II


Review by · December 21, 2000

Piano CDs have always been known in the VGM community as some of the most refined, beautiful soundtracks out there. Always arranged in a beautiful style, Piano arrangements usually are a favorite in people’s sets. However, there are always exceptions to the rules. Dragon Quest is that exception.

Now, I do not know about the other CDs yet, but I am told that every Dragon Quest on Piano CD is pretty pathetic…As of now there are five…Dragon Quest on Piano vol. 1 and 2 which cover DQ1-4, then a separate CD for DQ5, and another one “DQ6 on Piano,” and in January of 2001 comes DQ7 on Piano. Again, I don’t know how bad first hand these CDs are, but I can get a pretty clear picture based on this CD.

What people must understand about this CD is that it doesn’t sound bad at all…It’s not some grating experience for your ears, it sounds fine. However, there is no arrangement involved here at all. Some of you might know about the publishing company “Do-Re-Mi” that makes pretty easy sheet music for many game soundtracks? Well, this CD is like having a piano recital where all the kids bought these books for Dragon Quest II and III and played out of the book. While this wouldn’t be bad for a kid, Koichi Sugiyama and some other lady (cannot find the name) are playing it. It’s a direct rendition of what you hear on any other DQ CD, but very boring because it’s just on piano.

The CD does have some redeeming qualities; some of these songs just sound pretty good on the piano. I tried to sample the best tracks on here, but I’m not sure they’re all that good. If you refuse to call this CD bad, you must say that it’s mediocre at best. I have to contemplate whether I’d rather listen to this or the OSS (with it’s completely annoying sound effects). Overall, a simple CD, great for simple people and DQ soundtrack collectors only. I’d recommend you not pay any more than $15 for it (I paid $20…I should be shot). You cannot find this CD anywhere anymore, just keep an eye out on eBay for some desperate person to get rid of what is probably the dullest CD in their collection.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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