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Review by · March 14, 2012

Ever 17 is a game close to my heart. If you’ve been lucky enough to play through this deeply thought-provoking, emotional, and beautifully written visual novel, then I’m sure you feel the same way. When the game was rereleased on Xbox 360, the Ever 17 Original Sound Track album was included with the game in Japan. Unfortunately, that’s your only way to get your hands on this wonderful CD at this stage.

Take a quick look down the track list, and you should notice all the German words. Many German words and terms are used throughout the game, as the names of locations and more. This is obviously reflected in the music by way of the track names. It does not reflect the content of the music, however. Almost all tracks have an electronic rhythm that becomes a little tiring after a time. Many songs, particularly background tracks such as Zweitestock and Kopfsprung, are very similar sounding, a problem worsened by their consecutive play order. You’d never notice this problem in the game, but listening to the music alone brings it to the fore.

Other than that, there’s nothing bad I can say about this soundtrack. Insel Null is a dramatic, mood-setting piece to begin with and gives you an idea of what you can expect from the rest. Lemurianische Ruine and Karussell Delphine, along with many others, are slower, more peaceful tunes that are likely to set you at ease. I found it easy to simply close my eyes and enjoy their emotionally-provoking sounds. Weiser Hund and IBF Notfall really ramp up the intensity. Notfall is an exciting, fast-paced piece you simply can’t stop listening to. Disc 1 is capped off by Karma; an absolutely stunning, beautiful song and, in my humble opinion, one of the greatest pieces of music to grace a video game. It is soft, beautiful, and emotional. If you’ve played the game then it’s likely to bring a tear to your eye.

While it includes some new songs, Disc 2 also features piano versions of many from disc 1. The German word Klaiver means any type of grand piano, and it is used here to indicate piano arrangements of certain tracks. The Klaiver version of Lemurianische Ruine almost becomes a different piece and is truly beautiful to listen to. These piano arrangements are offset by a few new songs that greatly vary from those found on disc 1. Tief Blau accompanies an exceptionally important part of the game’s story, and the mood behind the revelation it provides comes through strongly in its mysterious melody. Drittes Auge has a constant, up-tempo beat that makes it feel more like a rock tune, while Wiedergeburt, the penultimate track of disc 2, is the only song that gives off any sort of happy vibe. Ending the album with it would have been wonderful, but this honour is instead given to a 1 minute track consisting of a mix of alien-like sound effects from the game; an odd way to end.

The Ever 17 Original Sound Track should not be missed by anyone who enjoys thought-provoking, slower, instrumental music. Aside from a few repetitive ambient tunes, there is a good mix of emotional, intriguing, and catchy pieces. If you have played and enjoyed the game, then you’ll enjoy it all the more.

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