Review by · November 19, 2000

Editor’s Note: in the tracklist, (UT) means (Unreleased Track).

At first glance/listen, this soundtrack was something I was about to place under the “for collectors only” category. However, after some careful consideration, I have decided that it warrants a purchase for most Final Fantasy fans: as long as the price is low enough.

Final Fantasy Mix is a little “collection” disc of all the neat unreleased/arranged stuff found on various FF IV-VI singles (all of which will not be reviewed on this site, except for FF6 Special Tracks because the music on here is found nowhere else) as well as new “house-arranged” music. Here’s the track breakdown: Tracks 4-8 and 14 from FF4 Minimum Album, track 9 from FF5+1 (actually called that because of the one track arranged from FF1), tracks 10-13 and 15 from FF5 Mambo De Chocobo, and tracks 1-3 are new to the CD.

The first three tracks are really…well, not good unless you really enjoy the style of music. Just to give an example, check out track 1’s sample. This is basically what the other two beginning tracks are like. The last 2 tracks (done as well by snow productions) aren’t as bad, though some hate the Megamix (I sorta like this track). The real reason this CD is worth a purchase would be tracks 4-13…New arrangements, a load of unreleased tracks, and others…It’s just too good to miss out on! Music that was going to go in Final Fantasy but then didn’t…This kind of stuff is great for hardcore fans!

However, even then, it’s not much for unreleased. The first few tracks are like 6 minutes each, and the unreleased stuff is pretty short, unfortunately. However, I suggest that you pay no more than $25 for it. Otherwise, it isn’t really worth it. Check out the samples then!

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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