Falcom Vocal Collection I


Review by · May 27, 2001

Released the same time as Falcom Vocal Collection II, this two-disc set features half of all the Falcom vocals from 1989 to 1991 (the other half on VCII). With this massive vocal collection of 20 songs, it is pointless to own MANY other Falcom soundtracks if you wanted them only for vocals.

Of specific note is the fact that 3 of the 4 tracks from the maxi-single “Vocal From Ys” are found on this CD (disc 1 tracks 5-7)…unless you REALLY wanted a karaoke version of “In Adventure World”, this set will cover that entire single.

You also find many versions of the same song. There are THREE Lilia songs on here (the third is “Loving a Girl Under the Moon”), two versions of “Too Full With Love” (the other version is disc 2 track 3), and I believe there are more.

The Star Trader track and Alone Battle are male vocals, and I really don’t like them much. I REALLY don’t like them…at all. No, I do like the instruments behind them, but my personal preference is that I really don’t like the songs. “A Still Time” is song without lyrics and that is also a male vocal, this I can handle. The rest of the songs are nice poppy female vocals.

“Too Full With Love” is a good favorite of mine. Disc 1 tracks 2-4 are from the vocal disc of Falcom Special Box ’89, this is the third or fourth time I’ve sampled “Sorcerian”. Also, this is probably the sixth time RPGFan has sampled “Endless History”, just to make sure everyone that goes to this site finds out about how good this vocal is.

So you’re a Falcom collection completist and you must have this set…well, like all old Falcom CDs, I say “good luck.” No online store will have it, so auctions are your only chance. Enjoy these fine fine samples!

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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