Final Fantasy III Original Sound Version


Review by · August 6, 2000

It’s a great OST, it is! This soundtrack is probably the best NES OST you’re ever going to find. Right in the end of its age, the NES struck in Japan with Final Fantasy III, a revolutionary game with jobs and classes…Not to mention great music.

The styles of music vary greatly, even in synth. There are jazzy songs, upbeat songs, slow songs, “new age”/modern songs, all kinds of great stuff. My favorite track is definitely track 7 (Eternal Wind), the world map music. That could quite possibly be the best world map music EVER, with Star Ocean 2’s coming in at a close second.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

Therapist by day and gamer by night, Patrick has been offering semi-coherent ramblings about game music to RPGFan since its beginnings. From symphonic arrangements to rock bands to old-school synth OSTs, Patrick keeps the VGM pumping in his home, to the amusement and/or annoyance of his large family of humans and guinea pigs.