Final Fantasy VI Grand Finale


Review by · May 6, 2000

If you’re a regular shopper for game music and you’re a Final Fantasy fan, you’ve probably seen the contrasting reviews on FFVI Grand Finale. A bunch of 5 stars, a 3 star, and a 1 star from a guy who says “avoid this at all costs!”. I have actually had serious arguments with other people on the quality of this CD, and I feel the quality is great.

I’m gonna spell it out to ya right here and now…The songs do not stay true to the origin. New styles are made, new counter-melodies are thrown in, it’s a whole new thing. It’s different. BUT, it’s really good! I do have qualms with certain parts of this CD (the bagpipe never should’ve been in Relm’s theme song) but otherwise the soundtrack is cool. I feel it is just that, a “Grand Finale”. The slow first song, followed by contrasting songs like the Mystery Train, and ending with the first real recording of the “Opera” song.

Grand Finale is pretty easy to find. Most current online retailers keep it in stock. If you don’t think you’ll like it, don’t buy it. But if you’re willing to hear it out after these samples, go for it!

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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