Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack


Review by · April 10, 2000

The Final Fantasy series has always been one to steal our hearts and capture our imaginations. The tradition continues with the release of Square’s Final Fantasy VIII. The game itself is truly something special on its own. However, add in the music and you get one dynamite game! Composed by Nobuo Uematsu, the Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack lets loose a huge arrary of sound from the lower orchestral strings and lower brass. This keeps a great beat to the music at a fast pace. Most of the music runs at a faster tempo (Andante I would guess) with a lot of dynamic changes from forte to messo piano.

The soundtrack offers a great deal of artwork in the packaging as well. Including words from Nobuo Uematsu on the composition, as well as lyrics to the vocal songs in Japanese and Latin. Also packaged with the game were several stickers of Laguna and Squall to go on your memory card or put in your locker.

With all this cool stuff and awesome music you can’t go wrong! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the Final Fantasy VIII OST.

For the record, “Waltz For The Moon” and “Ending Theme” are my favorite tracks in the soundtrack. Enjoy!

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