Front Mission Series Gun Hazard Original Sound Track


Review by · August 6, 2000

Another review I saw somewhere said that to appreciate this soundtrack, you must not compare the other work of the artists to this. Personally, I totally disagree. I call this “FFVII done right” for Uematsu and “Every 2300 AD Chrono Trigger track” for Mitsuda.

The music on here is downright awesome. This is my new favorite OST, it beats Chrono Cross by a longshot. The music is futuristic at its best, with that whole “mechanical” theme running strong throughout the entire soundtrack. I highly suggest a purchase of this one.

However, that won’t be so easy. No stores offer this soundtrack anymore…Otaku used to have it for special order, but they don’t really do that anymore. eBay is, yet again, your only hope.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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