Grandia II ~Deus~


Review by · November 16, 2000

If I were to use one word to describe what I think of this soundtrack, it would be: phenomenal. Even then, that doesn’t suit how epic this soundtrack is. Taking a different approach with the release of the musical score of Grandia II, the best songs have been split between the two CDs that make up what is the game’s complete soundtrack. Deus is the first of the two CDs, and unlike what we saw with Grandia Soundtracks I and II, where the first set of music was fantastic, and the second set mediocre with its mixture of epic songs and “filler music”, Deus is nothing but music that is extraordinary.

Unlike the original Grandia, Grandia II does not sport any filler tracks. Each track stands on its own as something special, orchestrated or synthesized, creating a mood that you can sense, whether you have played the game or not. This is very apparent from track 17, “The Garden of Dreams ~ The Mysterious Girl”, which has a very dark feel to it, and as the song progresses, the tension becomes higher, and it’s accomplished with a piano and a few other instruments, really neat. That is something that many game music scores cannot do outside the context of the game, as many times music sounds great because we remember events that happened during gameplay. With many other great songs such as “A Deus” and “Granas Sanctuary”, featuring very beautiful vocals, the 65 minutes of music contained within this CD is recommended for all audiences.

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Jason Walton

Jason Walton

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