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Review by · February 21, 2006

Please note: This particular review is actually a reprint of the original Gyakuten Saiban 3 OST. This reprint included a special second disc. The original print, while having the same catalog number (CPCA-1089), does not include the second disc.

Noriyuki Iwadare replaces Akemi Kimura as the composer for the third game in the Gyakuten Saiban series. Again, due to hardware limitations, the entire soundtrack utilizes 16-bit samplings for all of its music. While some may be turned off by it, I find it extremely pleasant to listen to.

A few familiar themes find themselves back onto the game such as the “Courtroom Lounge”, “Examination” and “Search”. Also, for those familiar with the first soundtrack, “Pursuit ~ Cornered 2004” sounds almost exactly the same as “Investigation ~ Cornered”. Unlike the other remixes, there is virtually no change to the tune. As much as I enjoyed that track, I couldn’t help but be disappointed in just how similar the two tracks were.

The first third of the soundtrack seems to set an extremely fast pace for the overall sound, especially “Investigation ~ Cross-Examination (Variation)” and so hearing the slow, almost elegant “Distant Traces of Beauty” is a welcome change of pace from the soundtracks frantic beginnings. The rest of the soundtrack seems to follow this kind of rhythm. A few slower paced songs followed by faster ones and more dramatic ones before slowing back down again.

I thought “Stolen Reversal” was a particularly neat track, if only because it begins with this bluesy beat and suddenly rushes into a frantic whirlwind of notes, rapidly crescendoing into a dramatic finish. It reminds me of a lot of stuff I used to play while in band.

The second disc in this review included the various sound effects used in this game as its first 6 tracks. While somewhat entertaining to listen to, the sound effects got old really fast. I’m not sure why Capcom decided to include them on this CD. However the four bonus tracks after those are well worth it. All four of these tracks, minus the arranged version to “Ryouri Mayoi ~ Gyakuten Sisters’ Theme” sound like they were recorded with real instruments and bring an extra amount of depth into the songs we are used to hearing.

The track “Gyakuten Saiban 3 – Special Blend Mix” is my personal favorite. It’s an arrangement of several pieces already in the soundtrack. Hearing “Gyakuten Saiban 3 – Trial” being played on an organ and “Investigation ~ Cross-Examination (Variation)” being played by an electric guitar is sheer coolness. This track alone is enough justification to get the reprint in my book.

This OST is more of the same kind of music that made the original Gyakuten Saiban soundtrack great but if you’re looking for something radically new, this probably isn’t the one you want.

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