Lunar: Silver Star Story Lunatic Festa Vol.4


Review by · July 18, 2005

The fourth and final Festa CD is set up just like its three previous Festa series entries. Unlike previous Festa CDs, the layout has changed slightly. The first track is still a vocal, but the last track is an instrumental. Instead, the fifth track lays out Nash’s theme song, “Magic Mobile Weapon Nash” while the first track is Kyle’s theme, “Killy Is No. 1”. Both songs abound with goofy lyrics and the background theme of Nash’s song is the fight song for the battle against Nash’s mobile suit, built by Taben.

The drama tracks all revolve around the last part of Silver Star Story’s story. Detailing Alex becoming a Dragonmaster, through the Goddess Tower, up against Ghaleon, and finally, the ending, titled “Each One’s Future” are some of the best drama tracks in the Festa series. In fact, in terms of drama tracks, this is definitely the best of the four CDs.

Unfortunately, it’s probably my least favorite in terms of instrumental songs. That’s not to say it’s bad, but I definitely prefer the likes of say, the amazing Mysterious Cave theme and Magic Emperor Ghaleon’s theme of volume 1 to the goofy barroom theme of Festa’s final volume. In fact, there are only three instrumental themes on this CD. I’ve never been a huge fan of the barroom theme. Not that it’s necessarily a bad theme for how it’s used in the game, but I don’t think it’s really worth a track on the CD when there are better songs in the game that didn’t make it on any Lunar soundtrack, such as the Silent Palace theme used in the Forest of Illusion and when Luna first meets Ghaleon.

However, volume 4 does have one shining gem, and what I feel is one of the best songs Silver Star Story has to offer in “Green Earth”. It’s the ending theme for Silver Star Story and really conveys the ending of the game well. It’s a beautiful and happy piece, something all ending songs should be. The CD actually ends with this track. The other instrumental is the “Sorceress” song. It’s not a bad song either, and is fairly upbeat, with a similar sense of urgency that’s found in volume 3’s “Determination”. The heavy piano sections of the final battle music interwoven in this song are very well done too.

Overall, two of the three instrumentals are wonderful, while I’m still left wondering why at the barroom theme’s inclusion. The drama tracks are top-notch, and the vocal songs aren’t bad either (though I personally prefer some of the other Festas in that regard). Over all, it’s still worth picking up to add to the collection, especially for the great drama tracks, “Sorceress” and most of all, “Green Earth”.

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Mickey Shannon

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