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Review by · August 27, 2000

It’s Ys…It’s Ys V…It’s Ys V’s OST! Ahhh….If only I had played the game first…

The music seems to be really really good to me…However, I have never played the game before so I have no game experience to associate the music with (which I’m told makes you appreciate Ys V music a lot less). But, as for quality, it is good stuff. If you haven’t heard any of the Ys OSTs yet, this is the one to get because not only is it good but it is the most widely-available at the moment. Also, it isn’t all “hard-rock”…It’s a dramatic score, it sorta reminds me of the Super Famicom Final Fantasy stuff…but different from Uematsu’s work.

Once available at GMO, this soundtrack is now somewhat of a rarity. Low supply and low demand on this one, they might say. I liked it, maybe you will too. Keep an eye out for it.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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