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Review by · October 24, 2016

It’s about time that Japan and the English / US / NA localization package got the same limited edition CD. But only four tracks?

No, I shouldn’t complain. It may only be four tracks, but each track is a sizable heap of music with plenty of production value to go around.

These packed-in mini-soundtracks, including the art mock-up for the packaging, are absolutely in the same vein as the Etrian Odyssey (Sekaiju no MeiQ) bonus CDs that have, without fail, been released with each game, including the Shin SQs (Etrian Odyssey “Untold”). Considering Persona Q is essentially “Persona got stuck in an Etrian Odyssey dungeon,” even without Yuzo Koshiro’s music, a bonus soundtrack like this is absolutely fitting.

So let’s talk about these tracks. First, we have a remix of “MAZE OF LIFE,” originally composed by Meguro and newly arranged by Kitajoh. If you know the original, you can almost immediately detect the changes for the remix. Hint: it’s the percussion. Fun new percussion that, in my opinion, better fits the song. The vocals remain unchanged, and beyond the percussion and some other random cuts, the rest stays intact as well. But still, it’s a fun alternate version to have on hand.

The second track takes the awesome battle theme and lengthens it, specifically with some extra guitar solos. Rock on, and big thanks to arranger Toshiki Konishi for going the extra mile…or, um, the extra minute…with this extended battle theme!

The new arrangement of “Laser Beam” is easily my favorite track on the disc, and a big improvement over the original version in my opinion. This new “Secret Path” arrangement was made by Ryota Koduka, a musician in the Atlus Sound Team from whom I usually do not expect much. My expectations were shattered. I love this song. I listen to it on loop sometimes. That’s the mark of a good song.

The fun ends all too quickly, but “Best Friend (OPMaze ver.),” arranged by Kenichi Tsuchiya, keeps that strong melody intact, but brings the oscillator-SEGA-style chip tunes to the forefront. Fans of the retro sound versions of the Etrian Odyssey soundtracks from Yuzo Koshiro will definitely appreciate what Tsuchiya did with this one. The electric piano just before the 3 minute mark is a nice touch as well. Electric piano always screams “Hey! We’re in the ’80s!” to me.

That’s it. That’s the whole deal. If you already own the full OST (imported from Japan), you may as well complete your audio collection by getting this CD as well. And in my opinion, there’s no better way to get it than with the limited edition of the North American release, which also includes a 3DS case, tarot cards, and more!

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