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Review by · February 20, 2009

Dear Falcom, why not let sleeping dinosaurs lie?

A full decade passed after Falcom released one of their least-known games, “Dinosaur,” to the Japanese public. The game itself was mediocre, and the soundtrack was (in this reviewer’s opinion) downright awful. But a PC remake was on the horizon, perhaps as a method for Falcom to test the waters on how non-Ys-related remakes would fare in the market.

Whatever the case, “Dinosaur Resurrection” came to pass. It was a fully updated version of the original game: new graphics, more fully fleshed out plot details (though there wasn’t much to expand on), better gameplay, and a nicely enhanced soundtrack. This is a review for said soundtrack.

This isn’t just an “upgraded” synth. In some cases, what we have here could be better classified as arrangements. New instruments, new harmonies, some lengthening of track time, everything you need to say “oh yeah, that’s good!” Of course, it’s all still synth. But at least it sounds decent.

This new soundscape helps to sell the soundtrack; unfortunately, the original compositions don’t hold much sway. Many of them are downright boring. But there are a few gems! Thanks to the use of a realistic piano synth for a number of tracks, there are some soft songs that can win you over. Electric guitar parts on the battle themes are also enjoyable. And the bonus, super-high-quality arrange track at the end is a nice addition.

Dinosaur is one of Falcom’s darkest soundtracks; I mean this in many senses of the word. But of the various versions of the soundtrack, this version is brightest. If you really want to experience the music from Dinosaur, the Resurrection OST is the most listener-friendly version to choose.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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