Phantasy Star Collection Sound Collection I


Review by · April 10, 2000

Editor’s note (3/25/2013): While this album is no longer in print and not available from outlets like Play-Asia and CDJapan, collectors may want to try their luck at the VGMdb Marketplace.

Phantasy Star Collection Sound Collection is one of the best arranged CDs that I’ve heard. This is a relatively unknown CD that was released in very short quantity in Japan in 1993 and not many people know of its existence. It is also impossible to find anywhere unfortunately as it has been been out of print for years. The musical style is mostly Rock Synth with a lot of electric guitar and synths and some classic piano thrown in for good measure. The arrangements are some of the best I’ve heard and the songs remain true to the originals while benefitting greatly from improved quality and some real instruments. Truly a great CD and one of my personal favorites.

Notes: Because of this soundtrack’s complete unavailability, RPGFan has decided to sample every track from disc 2 in its entirety.

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Eric Farand

Eric Farand

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