Phantom Brave Wii Original Soundtrack ~ Tenpei Sato Selection


Review by · September 9, 2009

When Nippon Ichi ported Phantom Brave to the Wii (and added a new scenario), they published this promotional soundtrack to go alongside it. This same CD was also made available to North American consumers via the “RosenQueen” store. If one ordered NIS America’s localization of “Phantom Brave: We Meet Again” for Wii from RosenQueen (within the first 500 orders), this Japanese CD came as a special bonus. Normally, we get newly-printed CDs with English packaging. It’s a mixed blessing, as most people buying the game probably cannot translate the Japanese tracklist. However, importers save a lot of money this way, not having to import the game itself to get the bonus soundtrack.

The music itself has been hand-picked by Tenpei Sato as a representation of his favorite tracks from the game. And while we’ve seen plenty of versions of this same soundtrack (a North American PS2 release, a Japanese OST, and an arrange album), it’s always good to see this music getting its time in the spotlight. Why? Because it’s Tenpei Sato, and it’s Sato bringing out his best musical performance, doing his best to cut the “silliness” out of his work. Most games in the Disgaea universe maintain a fairly whimsical mood to balance the darkness: like a “happy Halloween!” kind of soundtrack. Phantom Brave does away with the silliness, and the Halloween spookiness, and just gets right to some impressive piano, violin, guitar, and vocal performances.

There are times that the music is still light. In fact, I would describe much of this ten track “selections” album as “peaceful.” The six minute opening track is especially brilliant. The choir vocals are heavenly, and the instrumental performance is splendid. When the percussion and guitar are added to bring rhythm to the track, as though new life is being breathed into it…wow. Just be ready for it. It’s as mesmerizing as Yoko Kanno’s work on Napple Tale, and that’s about the best compliment I can think to give at this point.

It’s always good to revisit a beloved soundtrack, and I was happy to hear from Tenpei Sato one more time. Soundtrack collectors looking for a good deal should pick up the combo from RosenQueen Store before it’s too late, or else you’ll be left to your own devices trying to hunt down this soundtrack from Japan.

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