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Review by · March 12, 2000

This CD has the some of the most complex piano music in the FF Piano series, it even beats FFVIII Piano in “The Castle.” Like FFIV-V Piano, this CD is rare as poo-doo in Antarctica (that’s RARE). The ONLY place you can get this is on eBay…And it’ll probably cost ya $350 depending on how crazy you bidders are in the last 10 seconds. Game Music Online had a stock of it once a LONG time ago for $55 and it sold out quick, so now most people are profitting on making that purchase.

If you’re a big jazz fan or really great at playing jazz, check out “Spinach Rag” or “Johnny C. Bad”…Not being a jazz pianist myself, I have a real hard time with these. If you’re more new age, tracks like “Tina” will fit right in with your repertoire (the arrangement almost sounds like the theme to “Young and the Restless”). Performer Reiko Nomura worked with this FF Piano and ONLY this FF Piano…amazing stuff, of course.

EDIT: The arranger of this album had been unknown, officially, for years. In 2015, Nobuo Uematsu revealed at a concert event that Shiro Sagisu, who also arranged the Grand Finale album, is the FFVI Piano Collections arranger.

This FF Piano does NOT have the end-game/credits music as an arrangement, ending with Celes and then a Chocobo track. However, most fans are pleased with the track selection overall. Enjoy it, if you can get your hands on it!

Note that there have now been a series of reprints run on the FFIV-VI Piano Collections. The information for them is above, and they come at a much cheaper price than the originals. The one problem is, of course, they don’t come with the hardcover book filled with the sheet music. It’s just a CD now. Ah well!

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