Plus Mix Version from Ys, Ys II, Sorcerian & Star Trader


Review by · November 10, 2000

This single, along with the Vocal From Ys and Surround Theater Sorcerian, was recently reprinted in the Falcom Millenium series under the name The Vocal from Ys +. However, the real REVIEW of the single is found here, so you’ve come to the right place.

I assume the inspiration for this CD came from the “Plus Mix” section of Falcom Special Box ’89, one of my personal favorite sections. The concept was to take the synthesized track of a game, add some new beats, and…well, mix it up. And that is what this single so successfully does. The first track, “Palace of Destruction”, can be found in many forms, including some forms with live instruments. However, I have heard most all versions of the track, and this is still my favorite. It is ALMOST the original thing, but adds what the game couldn’t handle in quality at the time. The first track is definitely the best track on the single.

The next track is slow, and I feel it doesn’t work out well for the plus mix style used here. The Sorcerian track is very good though. Then comes Star Trader…which isn’t all that good original music. However, Plus Mix Version does some good stuff with both tracks. Overall, this single is very cool.

I’m sure you saw this coming, because the CD was printed in 1989, you’re not going to find it anywhere. The reprint, however, can still be found to order at Falcom’s website, or on eBay. However, if you keep a keen eye out and you really want it, this single can be found separately on eBay every now and then. It usually goes between $20-$30: while it is only a single, it is still rare.

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Patrick Gann

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