Romancing SaGa: La Romance


Review by · October 17, 2001

…WOW, am I ever impressed with this CD! WOW WOW WOW!

This CD is the last Square soundtrack I purchased in recent months, and one of the last I’ll purchase for awhile. But man am I glad I got this CD before I decided to take a break from collecting. Wow wow wow. To get an idea of how much I like this CD, read my review of Xenogears: CREID. The musical complexity on this CD is similar, but it’s not of Celtic influence. It’s of FRENCH influence.

The main performer on this CD is Patrick Nugier on accordian…but the whole style with all the other instruments…it’s just amazing. Every song has a great melody (this was one of my favorite Ito OSTs), and the instruments used are just so appealing. The percussion in particular was something I was very impressed with. Goodness gracious, this is quite the CD.

So basically, you don’t need to enjoy VGM to like this CD. I had one of my more musically-inclined friends listen to this, and they were as impressed with this as they were with CREID and Uncharted Waters II: Special Edition. So I implore you, find this CD and buy it! This was one of the greatest purchases I’ve made in quite some time. Check it out!

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

Therapist by day and gamer by night, Patrick has been offering semi-coherent ramblings about game music to RPGFan since its beginnings. From symphonic arrangements to rock bands to old-school synth OSTs, Patrick keeps the VGM pumping in his home, to the amusement and/or annoyance of his large family of humans and guinea pigs.